Long Horn Rod Run 2012

This weekend was slightly nuts.  Once again: No needlework to show for it. 

We did go to the 2012 Long Horn Rod Run.  The showing wasn't as good as it was last year because of the rain, but it was still worth it.  (I lost most of my 2011 photos when my hard-drive crashed so that set doesn't begin to describe what an incredible show the 2011 rod run was.  I think it might have been the best car show I've ever seen.)  Mint Chocolate Chick even got a celebrity photo-op.  Sort of.

We also went to a small model train show, where I got Dad a 1:43-scale die-cast car in a battered box that nobody could read.  It turned out to be a 1970's Volga GAZ-24-02.

We also went to the Avalon Diner for lunch.  They still have a phone booth.