New horses

 Both of these are the 2012 Mid-States special runs.  I'm not sure why the Midwest gets its own special run models.  Personally, I feel like South Central gets short shrift.  I guess they feel like the Tractor Supply models are "ours", except that my TSC doesn't carry Breyers any more and they don't show up reliably on the website.  I can think of a bunch of models I'd like to see produced for us, starting with a black longhorn as a portrait of Charles Goodnight's Old Blue.  The next one could be Assault, the 1946 Triple Crown winner, who was born and raised on the King Ranch.  For the third, I think they should do Painted Joe.  He would have to be the Smarty Jones mold in black medicine-nat tovero; this painting says it all.  Hobbyists would commit violent crimes to get one of those.  Come on, Breyer!

[No name yet]: Dun (bay-based) sport pony mare.  This is the Classic warmblood mare #701723 "Fawn".  Her pedigree and everything is completely up in the air right now.  I'm not a sporthorse person so I don't have a bloodline precedent set.  I've got leads on parents; my choices right now are American sport pony (some combo of Quarter Horse, Morgan, and pony breeds, depending on what the hobbyist decides) or German Riding Pony.  She'll let me know when she gets her models PA'ed [pedigree-assigned.  Sorry, there's lots of lingo in the model horse world].  I have a bay sport pony mare who is GRP x half-Arabian who could be her dam if I needed; they're the same mold in different colors.

Black Cherry Hancock (pending x Sweet Cherry Hancock) 2011 dark bay roan Quarter Horse mare; #701722 "Constellation" on the Traditional "Whizards Baby Doll" mold.

I absolutely adore this mold and I've always liked roans.  This maybe isn't the best color in the world--a dappled golden bay or buckskin or grulla would have been killer--but it's not bad.

Also, I'm going to a live show for the first time since 2005!  Woo hoo!  Silver Spur Live in Lake Charles.