New patterns: 2012 October 9

DuBarry 5612 (1943): Nice, simple, princess dress with sweetheart neckline.

Grit 3679 (1940's): Camp or work blouse.  I like the pointed sleeve trim.

2445 (1940's): Mail order blouse pattern.  Sort of cutesy-poo but I especially like the short-sleeved version.

Butterick 4022 (1946): This is a petite so I'll have to do some reengineering in addition to sizing it up a bit, but I love that folded front on the jacket.

Simplicity 2293 (circa 1936-1937): This is missing some pieces but I think I can fudge them from other pieces.  The sleeve and yoke from the green dress are gone, but I think I can use the sleeve and bodice from the brown dress, and the facing from the green dress, to recreate them.  It's also missing the pocket, but I'll eyeball that.

The missing pieces are highlighted in green: