Simplicity 4727: Part XI

No, I haven't burned it yet.

I basted the bodice on last night, only an inch higher, to test the fit so I don't have to rip anything out again.  I need to tweak the darts a bit because, since I'm shortening it in the wrong place, it's too big for the waistband, but once I do that, it should fit like a glove.  Which means I really need to start jogging again so I can keep fitting into it.  But it looks fantastic.

So, the end is in sight for this godforsaken pattern.  Well, for the test version of this godforsaken pattern.  I may have to wait a bit to do the plaid version; July 4th is way past, anyway, and I really need a pioneer dress for November 10.  It doesn't even have to be an accurate one; I just have to be able to fudge it.