Simplicity 5764 (1982): Part II: Sleeve alteration

I spent yesterday's lunch hour tracing the yoke pieces.  The pattern is cut to a size 10 but he original owner was kind enough to save the cut-off slivers so I could piece them back on and salvage the other two sizes.  

The sleeves on this thing are enormous--the finished circumference would have been 19 inches at the bottom. This is just too much for me.  I forgot to bring pins and I didn't want to go to the trouble of tracing, cutting, and taping an interim copy of the sleeve, so I folded three tucks into it and secured them with paper clips at each end.  I used the lengthen/shorten line to keep the tucks straight and measured them to make sure they were a half-inch all the way across:

I traced it to a size 12 and re-drew the sleeve cap, lowering it about an inch as I went.  I need about six inches to go over the top of the armscye seam and this still leaves me a little over eight, so it's fine.  This should make it a bit less puff-sleeved, too, without shortening the sleeve.

You can see the difference between the two:

The arm part of the new sleeve--the part below the armscye--isn't shorter.  It looks like it here, but its not.

This pattern also recommends the weak sleeve finish that I used on McCall's 4866 (1975).  Reducing the sleeve width will make it easier for me to do a regular placket (I'll probably just do a continuous-lap placket).