New Patterns 2012 November 21

It's been awhile. I'm really behind.  I got some basically in bulk from a local secondhand store, too, so this could take awhile. They're in rough shape but I think I can salvage them.

Simplicity 4829 (1943-1944): Teen's skirt and blouse with inset belts.   It's basically my size, though, so, while the fit will take some tweaking, it was worth it.  I love those blouses with inset belts.

Simplicity 3170 (1950): I don't really need a formal dress but . . . eh, why not?  One never knows.  Here is an image of the real dress, along with it's daughter counterpart, from the Summer 1950 catalog.  Folks, that is a lot of skirt!

Simplicity 3670 (1941): I've wanted this one for a long time!  There was one on Etsy that I couldn't afford, and then it got sold.  This one came up on eBay for a lot less.

Simplicity 1838 (1956): Almost looks more like actual 1838, though.  The dropped shoulder and low sleeve cap on this look almost identical to the pieces I'm using for an 1850's-style reenactment dress.  Even the hair on the model in the red dress looks vaguely mid-19th century.  Somebody in the design department must have been a history geek.  

Here is an 1850's day-to-dinner dress with detachable sleeves.

Advance 6068 (early 1950's): This came is a pair with Advance 6463.  I'm not sure I would have bothered with it on its own, although I had just admired a Vogue pattern I saw online that had a very similar high-waisted skirt and bolero jacket.  

Advance 6463 (1950's): This is the pattern that came with 6068.  I guess I don't need another smock, but it's so darned cute!  It seems to be unusual, too; I don't recall having seen one of these before and I couldn't find many online.

Simplicity 2928 (1949): Another teens' dress, but whatever.  I like both versions.

DuBarry 6174 (1946): Nice summery two-piece dress.

Advance 5052 (1949): I actually made the concept drawing first:

Then, it occurred to me that if I ever actually wanted that dress to wear to work, I'd better spring for the pattern, too.  Note the "inside out" darts on the skirt at the waist.

Hollywood 1400 (1944): I can't believe nobody bought this before I got it.

Simplicity 4062 (1942): Dress and jerkin.  I saw pleated pockets exactly like those the other day on the bodice of a dress in a photograph on the PBS Dust Bowl series.

McCall's 6034 (1978) Annie, Too!: Infantilizing clothing for grown women!  Yay!  I am such a sucker for a peasant dress.  I've culled the Seventies patterns a lot but I just can't get away from these.  Thank you, Goodwill, for feeding my demons.

New York 436 (1948-1951): Nice and straightforward.  Light blue with lace trim?

DuBarry 2211b (1939): Clearly it was worth my time to pick through the moth-eaten 1960's - 1980's stuff to find what was good.  This one will need geometric buttons, right?

Butterick 2494 (1943): Unglamorous but practical.  $2!

Simplicity 2321 (1948): Teens' suit.  I haven't been a teen in years but I'd still wear this.

Advance 1386 (1930's): Love this.  Love the yoke, love that it's a tunic to be worn over a skirt, just plain old love it.

McCall 6523 (1945-1946): Girly, but so what?

Advance 8465 (1957-1958): Another cobbler apron.  Adorable, no?