Past Patterns 803: Part II

Forgot my camera.  I cut the lining out of scrap fabric.  It fit pretty well so I'm using my scrap lining as the actual lining. I cut the bodice pieces and got them basted to the linings.  I'm converting from a covered hook-and-eye closure to buttons but that shouldn't be too bad; I just need to double-check the overlap.  So . . . it doesn't look like much yet but I'm making progress.

The lining is bright blue calico with little yellow and black flowers.  Horrible.  But amusing.

I took two days off this past week and still got very little done, things were so hectic.  Sigh.  I'm also not done packing for Silver Spur Live.  I'd forgotten how much work live shows are!  The plastic bins I used to transport show horses before aged and cracked, so I've borrowed a bunch of boxes from work.  I'm debating taking my chinas.  The china classes would be fun but the little rascals are so fragile.

Silver Spur is a new show and, so far, it looks like it's going to have a respectable but not a huge attendance.  My collection is in that awkward in-between stage: My horses are old enough to be outdated but not old or rare enough to be valuable.  I tend to do a little better in collectability overall, I guess.  It doesn't really matter since I like them even if the judges don't, but it would be nice to be a bit more competitive.  I can't and don't want to spend the money it would take to do that, though.

Here is a Flickr set that gives you an idea of what a live model horse show looks like (these aren't my pictures).

North American Model Horse Shows Association (NAMHSA) website.  I just realized they have stickers.  I sort of think I need a sticker to put in my rear window, just to make people wonder.