Past Patterns 803: Part III

I didn't have time to get any handwork done this weekend, but I'm off Thursday and Friday and determined to sew until my fingers bleed.   Well, maybe not that much, but a lot.

I cut the lining out of some electric-blue calico that I'd bought for a skirt and then decided I didn't like all that well.  This was meant to be a test but since it fit, the dress is going to have an electric-blue calico lining.

The outer fabric is brown.

Here's the bodice back with the yoke applied to the lining.

The yoke is pieced down the middle to save fabric (the pattern didn't say to do this).

Both the blue and brown fabrics are almost indistinguishable right from wrong sides.  I mis-cut and ended up with two right-side linings, so I cut one back and rebuilt it with a scrap strip.  Hey, real 1850's home-sewn dresses had pieced linings all the time, right?

The lower bodice front gathered onto the yoke:

I have to pull out the basting stitches, trim things, decide how I'm going to handle the front since I'm using buttons instead of hooks and eyes, and then assemble the bodice.

The sleeves are going to be plain bishop sleeves.  I've traced the upper sleeve from the original pattern and basically extended it into a sleeve.  I'll probably enlarge the circumference, too.  I'll definitely be basting in a test-sleeve before I cut them out of brown fabric, though.