I got absolutely no sewing done.  

One, I was not in the mood.  Personal reasons; I don't want to go there on a blog.

Two, Little Miss Crazypants would have made it almost impossible.  I'm going to need to research kitten discipline; I think that she thinks our attempts to correct--or, at least, to defuse--her midnight kitten rampages are "play" and that we're only making things worse.  I play with her until she loses interest and dozes off on the floor, and I don't play with her close to bedtime, but she still goes bananas at night.  She spent last night in the bathroom, which is technically OK since she has food, water, litter, and toys, but I think it's avoiding rather than directing her behavior.

(For the record: It's not aggression.  Despite what the receptionist told us about finding her, she doesn't have a feral hair on her head.  She's totally normal for a kitten, and she can settle in very nicely and be ridiculously sweet when she's not in a mood, but it's still not OK to attack feet and hair at night, especially since hair tends to be near faces.  She actually poked me in the eye last night.  Thank goodness she, for once, didn't have her claws out.)

She is not at all as innocent as she looks.

How did I live so long without Instagram?

I'm not sure where the rest of the weekend went.  Thursday was Thanksgiving.  Friday, I took Little Miss Crazypants for shots and then ran a couple of errands.  Saturday I ran errands and walked too much.  Sunday was a friend's birthday and we all went to a hockey game.  The Aeros and the Abbotsford [British Columbia] Heat were tied until the Aeros scored in the shortest overtime I've ever seen: The puck basically went from the center line directly to the Heat goal in about five seconds.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was feeling bogged down by the Round Dress but now, after a weekend of pretty good sleep and high-energy kitten motivation, I think I can tackle it again.  Pleating the skirt is going to be a headache but the sooner I get started, to sooner I'll get done.  I've forgiven myself for the decision to skimp a bit on accuracy where it won't be noticed.

I'm on track to have all my Christmas shopping done almost in one fell swoop.  My Christmas gifts for Mom this year are freakin' genius, which is saying something because Mom is the hardest person for whom to shop.  (Dad won't be home this year.  He's getting cat toys in absentia.)

I went for a long walk on Friday, for the first time in months.  Saturday, I went a little crazy: Mom and I went to Hickory Hollow for lunch and I over-ate to the point of discomfort (unavoidable at a good barbecue place, right?) so, that afternoon, I walked five miles round-trip to the library to return a book.  I've missed exercise.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I'm really in a mood to do something for myself.  Not in the spa-day-and-chocolate-overindulgence sense, but in the sew-some-of-those-things-I-really-need and start-exercising-again and maybe see-a-shrink-like-most-of-my-friends-think-I-should kind of ways.