Silver Spur Live on the Bayou 2012

I'm back from Lake Charles and my first live model horse show in seven years!

Mom even got a picture of the coliseum marquee.  I'm sure passersby were wondering just what the heck that could mean:

I don't have that many pictures.  I didn't want to bother the judges, and I was really busy trying to keep up with the classes.  Here's my showstring, though:

They look very plain here.  I don't have any of the new, flashier, special runs, and I don't have any showable customs.  My horses look pretty brown here, and my collection in general is out of date.  I don't really care because I collect what I like, but it's a liability in the showring.

It's not a total liability, though:

Delta Dawn was OF Breyer/Other Stock Breed Champion.

Pony of the Americas stallions Pippin Bull (left, in black) and Sandy Robin were second and first in the pony class, and Sandy Robin was OF Breyer/Other Other Breed Champion.  They didn't place in collectibility, though, even though Pip is a 1989 export special run and Sandy is a 1986 Sears special run.  They're not super rare but Pip in particular is not a terribly common model.

Sandy took things to the extreme and got OF Breyer/Other Halter Grand Champion.  He now has his own Pony Pouch and a beer mug full of Louisiana kitsch.

The show also had an awesome plate lunch: Jambalaya, green beans, roll, and cake for $6.  You can't beat that anywhere.

I got into a quibble with the Peter Stone judge over Saddlebred and Morgan color patterns, so I need to do some research to back myself up.  It's not a big deal, though.  They're just plastic horses.

There's another show in Georgetown this coming January, and I might have to go to that one, too.