White Diamond (1995? - November 14, 2012)

Like all American Eskimo dogs, she had both brains and drop-dead good looks.

She wasn't fat, she was fluffy.  No, really.

We don't usually dress up our pets for holidays, but she seemed like the perfect Christmas dog.
She hated sitting in laps.  This was not an easy shot to get.

She was a cat person.
Seriously: She didn't like other dogs, but she was friends with every dog-friendly cat in the neighborhood.  This little calico would come running when she saw us out for a walk.

She declined pretty quickly over the last six months.  We had to shave her because her arthritis made adequate brushing too uncomfortable, and she started to get stuck in corners and under chairs. 

Even so, she was about seventeen--she was an adopted as a young-ish adult so we don't know how old she actually was, except that she was well out of puppyhood when we got her--and that's a long, happy, life for a dog.


PepperReed said…
Peace be with you, Friend. It's so hard to let them go. We have an Old Man Puppy (16ish) that's still creaking around our place, and we try and enjoy every moment with him that we can.
We've been borrowing time for probably a month now, but asking any more would have been selfish. Seventeen is, what, a hundred or so in dog years? That's like the next best thing to having them forever.

We plan to honor her memory eventually by adopting another homeless animal. Probably a cat, though. Our lives aren't dog-compatible right now, and Diamond liked cats better, anyway.
Andrea said…
I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. Your post was a nice tribute.
Anonymous said…
I''m not really a comment person on any blog (I always seems to put things the wrong way); but I've been lurking here for a while and would like to say I'm happy you gave your dog a good life, and sorry you've lost her. (And I really enjoy your blog too).
Amy said…
So sorry about Diamond. I have such fond memories of her, especially when she'd try to steal candies while we decorated gingerbread houses. Thinking of you guys.