McCall's M4548 (2004): Part VII: More bodice

Here is a shot of the bodice as of Sunday night:

The back, with the center panel cut on the bias, more or less (the check is not really square):

The lining.  The armscye seams haven't been finished yet.  They'll be trimmed a bit and then . . . probably double whipstitched or blanket stitched or something to protect them a bit.  There are six layers of fabric there so I can't do too much or they'll be stiff[er].

Close-up of the neckline finish ad a little of the front facing.

The lining in the back.  You can see the exposed shoulder seams where the lining and outer bodice were sewn together.  These seams allowances will be finished by hand, too.

I had my tiny whipstitching mojo going on Sunday night.  Check out that front facing!

The piping in the armscye.  I need to make smaller-diameter piping in the future.  This looks a bit garden-hose-like.  Piped armscyes look pretty rad, though.

One more shot of the bodice with the sleeves.  I'm working on the cuffs tonight.