New patterns: 2012 December 18

Oh, dear--Christmas is rushing up on me!  I need to get my cards sent.

I got M4548 finished enough to wear--with an apron covering the waistband, which was open since I forgot to bring my hooks and bars to sew on--but I don't have a good picture of it, yet.  I'll do final post when I do.

Meanwhile, I got a box of patterns from a friend, and it amounts to a Hell of a Christmas!

McCall's 6405 (1978): I think I owned this at one point and sold it.  The pink dress at far left will be made out of the Concord black calico with yellow roses that I decided not to use for another prairie dress, with black lace trim on the yoke.  I'll shorten the skirt, though.

Style 2841 (1997): I don't need this but it's so cute I might hang onto it in case I ever have nieces. 

McCall 7245 (1948): Not much to see here, but it's a good basic skirt.

These are new.  Saundra Ros Altman of Past Patterns is having a sale.  I may go back and order the Full High Gown, too; I didn't think of it at the time.  

Past Patterns 002 (1985) Early 19th-century chemises: I like these better than the later, fussier, chemises.

Past Patterns 713 Union Army trowsers [sic], large size: Again, I don't need these myself but I know guys who might, at some point. 
Past Patterns 720 Madam Foy skirt-supporting corset: I'm not all gung-ho about corsets but this one laces up the front/side, which means I could get into it myself.  If I ever need it, I might as well get it on sale, right?

Past Patterns 705 Sensible stays: These are the ones I really wanted!  These are what I need under the Mill Girl dress and my work dresses.

Advance 4980 (1948): Super-girly blouse with shaped yoke.

McCall 4899 (1942): Housecoat or brunch coat.  I am totally making this out of a loud, red, paisley-style floral, just like the packet suggests!

Advance 3198 (1943): Another housecoat that can be shortened to a dress.  I think this one needs to be a light color, though.

Advance 3070 (1942?): Another nice everyday dress.

4683 (early 1960's?): Mail order dress pattern with a nice yoked bodice.

Advance 6566 (1954): Completely ridiculous and completely lovable country-style dress.  This one is definitely the dress for the Wilmington Hoedown Party Dress print, with black lacing on the pockets and neck.

Hollywood 0466 (1942) Barbara Read: Yoked dress that appears to have been the mother of Butterick 4433 (1976), which I'm thinking of reselling now that I have this.  I haven't decided, though.  Maybe not; they're both cute.  Somehow 0466 has a lot more flair, though, doesn't she?

DuBarry 2647b (1941): Love this.  I love these housecoat/dresses, especially if they're double-breasted.