New patterns: 2012 December 6

Amber Jean suggested Ace bandages as a stand-in for the corset I don't have and don't have time to make, if push comes to shove and I have to finish the Round Dress instead of whipping up something simpler.  Hmm.  (There is a long story behind this but it's not that interesting.  I'll just post the results of the reenacting dress craziness when I have any.)

Butterick 6836 (1954): This is another Walkaway Dress knock-off.  I like both the full-skirted and pencil version.  Mine is a bust 30 but having to resize it a lot is worth the $25 or so I saved over any of them I found listed online.

McCall's 8632 (1951): Similar to Butterick 5744 (1952) but more fitted.  Nice summer weekend dress.

2805 (1950's): This one hasn't arrived in the mail yet so I'm not sure if there are any clues to the publisher.  Cute yoked house- or day dress.  I like back bodice pleats.

Simplicity 9769 (2001): Mid-19th century style chemise, pantalettes, and corset.  I'm afraid I may need this to wear the Round Dress.  I should have them, anyway, if I'm going to save face at all at reenacting events.

I have the Past Patterns corded stays pattern, too, but it's an earlier style.  I meant to wear them with the Mill Girl dress, and I don't think they'll shape me enough for 1850's dresses.

Simplicity 3036 (1951): Day dress with interesting front waist detail.

Simplicity 2617 (1948): Nice simple day dress.  I love that nice dresses used to be allowed to have gigantic pockets.

McCall 3373 (1939): Wrap housedress.  Possibly also a nurse's uniform?  The version on the left was reissued in 1943 as McCall 5474, which I also own, because I'm kind of obsessive about wrap housedresses.  

I want to make like a million version of this and just live in it.

Advance 4309 (1946?): This is supposed to be a teenager's housecoat, but I'll probably shorten it and use it as a casual dress.  I have two versions planned for fabric I already have: Short-sleeved in multicolored floral, and long-sleeved in tan/burgundy homespun mini-check.

2207 (1950's): This appears to be the same, or nearly the same, as 2911, which I missed on eBay ages ago and deeply regretted.

This is such a basic design but it's so nice--the revers, the clean lines, the cute but not overly gimmicky pockets.