Simplicity 4718 (1943): Part I

I got a whim to go on and sew whatever the Hell I wanted, because it was Christmas and, well, that's what holidays are for, right?

I've had this pattern in the queue for ages and it was near the top, although it wasn't a highest-priority pattern.  I had fabulous fabric selected for it, though, and plans to make it a winter dress, so I decided I'd better hustle up and make it.

I'm making the housecoat version on the right, except with the skirt shortened to dress length and with improvised bishop sleeves.  I'm putting pockets with buttons on them on both sides of the skirt and I've already added a small patch pocket on the left breast.
This shows short, cuffed, sleeves, but the fabric is a bit thick for a summer dress so I'm making it a winter one.  I'm going to add sleeves straps to keep the sleeves rolled up.
The fabric is a Moda light blue and white chambray stripe.  It's fantastic: Slightly heavy and soft and deliciously yarn-dyed-woven-cottony, if that makes sense.  Good yarn-dyed fabrics are shamefully hard to find these days.

I forgot to take a picture of the buttons: They're white with a square made of small parallel lines in the middle.  Slightly Art Deco or Streamline, almost.  Ideal for this dress.
I did some basic refitting when I traced the pattern: Lengthened the bodice quite a bit, added to the skirt around the hips.  I fudged a bishop sleeve based on the original sleeve cap with the bell from another pattern grafted on. I also added interfacing along the front opening and inside the collar.  The pattern didn't say to do this but I think it will work better.  The waistband was missing so I borrowed one from another pattern and added a bit for the overlap in the front.
The bodice is a bit blousy and I might take it in a bit if I make this again (say, the sundress version) but it's fine for this round since this is meant to be a casual dress.  

This is the bodice so far:

I used this method for turning the collar points (I guess, though, it could be used for turning points just about anywhere on a sewing project) and it is absolutely fantastic.  These are easily the best-looking points I've ever achieved.

This picture isn't quite up-to-date.  I have the waistband attached but not finished and I'm working on the sleeves.  I haven't cut the skirt yet but it should give me the least trouble.


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I can't wait to see it. I love the pattern and the fabric!
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