I readily confess I have accomplished nothing, sewing-wise, since the last post.  Bad me.  Oh, well.  I'll get back on track this weekend.

My brother was in town this weekend.  We walked five miles round trip in 40-degree rain to get kolaches for breakfast--sounds like something your grandparents tell you when you complain about how hard life is, doesn't it?--and got pretty soaked, so he decided we should go to Goodwill and look for raincoats.  Goodwill because we're cheap.  Unfortunately, my brother is 6'3" and built like a human Clydesdale, so he can't buy clothes just anywhere, and Goodwill didn't have any raincoats that fit him any better than any of the assortment of too-small ones we already had at home.  He did find a good backpack, though.

I found a black tank top and bedsheets.  I don't need bedsheets for the bed right now but the ones I got will make great dress yardage.  I got one in a nice saturated violet and two light-blue king-sized chambray ones.  All-cotton chambray is really hard to find right now (cotton-polyester is common but 100% cotton is not) and it's ridiculously expensive for plain cotton fabric.  I could get four dresses out of these suckers if I'm careful, even using my somewhat fabric-thirsty vintage patterns.  Advance 4550 (1947) will definitely be one of the dresses, and probably Advance 3045 (1942); after that, I haven't chosen yet.


PepperReed said…
LOVE hitting the thrift stores! You can get some nice sheets or sometimes curtains that have wonderful patterns and yardage. Sorry your Bro didn't find his raincoat, but glad you got a fabric haul!