McCall's 4813 (1975): Part II

I'm kind of in a hurry to finish this.  One, it's not that interesting.  Two, it's not that hard so it shouldn't take me weeks the way sewing projects usually do.  Three, Mom needs her sewing table for another project.

I worked on the yoke and collar last night.  I cut the yoke on the bias but I've learned from past projects that cutting homespun on the bias is just begging for things to sag, so I added a lining.  The lining us cut from an old cotton-polyester bedsheet so it's lightweight and has absolutely no give.  It's also ugly, so I kept the homespun facings so the fat cartoon cats wouldn't show when the dress was worn.

I also have some kind of weird psychological issue with lobular 1970's collars, so this one was recut into a more normal, pointed, one.  The underside of the collar is a brown leaf-print scrap from the Round Dress.  It has some lightweight interfacing, too:

The whole thing went together pretty well considering neither the homespun nor the ugly cats behave all that well when sewn.  The double row of topstitching holds the interfacing in place (even though it's iron-on.  This is another one of my fetishes: The fear that my interfacing will pull loose and shift):