New Horses

Pardon the terrible pictures.

I finally found a Bonanza Classics set I could afford!  These were selling for $110 + shipping a few months ago and I was really hoping that if I just waited a bit the prices would come down (and the sets wouldn't disappear altogether).  I should have gotten them when Tractor Supply had them.  Oh, well.

None of these are conformational all-stars but I'll try to at least ballpark it when it comes to assigning breeds.

Classic "Duchess" in dark bay sabino.  Will probably be a Thoroughbred.

Rowantree Sunrise: Classic "Black Beauty" in chestnut sabino. Welsh B/Thoroughbred sport pony stallion.

 Classic "Ruffian" in buckskin.  Connemara/Thoroughbred sport pony mare.

Rowantree Sunshine And Shadows: Classic Warmblood in black tobiano.  Another sport pony (Welsh B x racebred Paint).

Brilliancy: Palomino Rocky Mountain Horse mare.  This is a messy model; she's supposed to be a Thoroughbred but doesn't look like one and she's doing a "gait" that is supposed to be a trot but isn't, and probably isn't possible for a real horse to do.   And I think she's also supposed to be a stallion.

I'm taking that as carte blanche to call her whatever the heck I want.

Lincoln: Hagen-Renaker mule.  Adorable!

Lucado: Andalusian/Shire stallion.  North Light Friesian in fleabitten gray.