Back soon!

The houseguests have left and my weekend starts tomorrow, so I should be back shortly.  I actually did get a sewing project done but I haven't photographed it yet.  

Meanwhile, be distracted by pictures of Galveston.

The Mardi Gras arch:

Happy cats.  I love the colors in this:

Sculptures carved from trees killed by Hurricane Ike:

And this fabulous pink Queen Anne.  When I last saw it a year and a half ago, it looked like this, and I loved it but was afraid to go back for fear I would find it reduced to an empty lot:

Instead, we found this:

I absolutely love the patterned roof!  I hope that means that somebody is doing a whole-hog restoration.  Is that not the best porch trim you've ever seen?  Finding this looking so well just made my weekend.

We had a guest with us so we walked around the Strand a bit and went to La King's for ice cream.