McCall's 4813 (1975): Part VI

Mom hasn't sent me her picture yet.  There isn't much to see: It's loose and . . . well, loose.  

I'm totally thrilled with the way the finish turned out.  The recut collar looks great and the bodice lining worked well.  It did, though, make the yoke a bit snug, and the shoulders are too narrow.  I think I'm so used to 1940's patterns with acres of bodice ease that I forget that the 1970's cut everything to be very tight around the shoulders and upper arms.  So, it's wearable but it's not comfortable, which means I'll sell it or Goodwill it and move on.  

I need to try tweaking some other things on it, anyway--Amber Jean and I have been discussing how to do a minor full-bust adjustment on it since it's a bit narrow across the chest (high bust), and I think that making it extra A-line was unnecessary.  It's also a bit short.  It looks fine but it's psychologically uncomfortable.  I'll find it a home with someone shorter and thinner than I am.