Dirndl skirt: Red Southwestern

I took a tiny nibble out of my immense fabric stash this weekend by sewing up the red Southwestern-print dirndl skirt.

It's not actually crooked; it's just hanging funny.

There isn't much to say about this: It's a rectangle gathered into a waistband.  I didn't want to go to the extra bother of putting a seam up the back so it has an exposed zipper the way the pink chambray skirt does, although this one looks better because it matches the fabric more closely.

There are zillions of tutorials for these skirts.  You basically sew a rectangle (go about twice your hip measurement.  This one is two widths of 42" fabric, minus seam allowances, of course.  It's a bit full; two yards--72" minus seam allowance--would do for me), install zipper, add pockets if you want, and gather it into a waistband.  Hem at desired length (28-ish inches here; horizontally striped fabrics are easy to hem, right?).  Trim as you like.  I added the black stripes out of my stash of old bias tape to make the skirt look more like I'd put some thought into it.  I think I'm also going to get some white embroidery floss and add buckstitching to the stripes; I like them, but they seem kind of timid against that print.  

Some tutorials:
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Installing side-seam pockets:
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A.J.A. said…
I really like this skirt. Perhaps I could cull a few yards from my ever-growing stash this way. I think the white stitching will look great.
Seminole patchwork? I can think of a lot of ways to use up extra fabric embellishing a basic dirndl or A-line skirt.

You can also cut the skirt a bit longer and then fold the waist over into a channel, and insert elastic, instead of doing the zipper and waistband.

Here, also, is someone else's tutorial for an A-line skirts. I have a similar pattern I made for myself using basically the same method (I didn't know about this tutorial at the time, but we followed approximately the same process and got about the same result). Mine has a separate waistband cut as a strip and sewn on, and pockets. It's almost as easy as the dirndl and more flattering.

I'm also not above piecing waistbands or cutting pockets from contrasting fabric when I have to.