McCall's 1980 (1955): Orange sunbonnet

I can finally post this since my friend got it in the mail!

For my seventh birthday, my mom made all the little girls sunbonnets instead of party hats.  My birthday is in July so the festivities involved swimsuits, running through the sprinkler, probably a pinata, etc.  Somewhere, there is a very cute picture of five or six little girls on a jungle gym in swimming suits and calico bonnets.

My current best friend saw it on Facebook and commented, "Hey, why wasn't I invited?  Where is my bonnet??"

It turns out, this was about a year before I even met her.  Better late than never, though, right?

Trust me, it looks a whole lot  better on her than it does on me.  She's adorable:

The pattern is McCall's 1980 (1955), View A with the bavolet trimmed down on the sides.  I made the slat bonnet View C for myself a year or two ago:

It looks just like View C here only pink instead of blue:

The fabric is DS Quilts Fancy Free allover floral in orange, from Joann's.  The picture here is inaccurate; it's much more of a true orange, not a gold, in real life.

Another friend has commissioned one in purple


RUDI said…
Greetings Little Black Car,

I sent you an email with regard to McCalls Sun Bonnet Pattern # 1980; view "c".

Please apprise if you receive my previous email.

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