No long weekend for me, but I hope to finish the "customized" Simplicity 6173.  Our boss (the boss of everybody, not my immediate boss) offered us the afternoon off but we have clients here so I'm staying.  I'm also signed up for a ghost tour and it's too much trouble to go home and then come back into town, so even if we didn't have people here I would stay.

I realize I need to be more focused and disciplined about my sewing projects so I'm trying not to get distracted so easily and hop impulsively from project to project.  

I can usually manage things in threes, but no more, so:
  1. I owe somebody a bonnet.
  2. I need to do the purple peplum blouse for my cousin's wedding.
  3. I have really enjoyed reading through Metric Pattern Cutting for Women's Wear and think I need to attempt a pattern.
I actually got Metric Pattern Cutting because I had a project in mind for which I need to draft a simple dress.  I've found instructions online for doing this, but I needed more information on design ease, and I needed a listing of commercial measurements.  The pattern will be shared with a few other people, so it seems simplest to draft it to the same measurements as a commercial pattern would be and let each of us, since we're different shapes and sizes, do the alterations we're already accustomed to doing, rather than draft it to, say, myself, and require some people to do even more drastic corrections because their "specialty areas" are at the opposite extreme of mine (if they have broad shoulders, for instance).

Anyway, more on that later.