Advance 4158 (1946) Part I: Off on the wrong foot

I was planning to start tracing and adjusting Advance 4158 (1946) this week but, because I'm both organized and brilliant, I can't find it.

I haven't had it that long and just saw it recently, but have no idea where I put it.


The plan was to make the dress bodice on the right--this is actually a one-piece dress, disguised--as a blouse, to be worn with my black skirt.  I thought this would a) be faster and b) more versatile.  I also could only get 1 1/4 yards of the fabric:

I'm not even sure that's enough, although I think I can make it work if the facings are plain purple.  I might have to resort to piecing, but at least it's a dark, busy, print so it won't show very much.

My only reservation is that it's really dark.  I'm old-fashioned enough that I don't really like the idea of wearing dark colors to spring and summer weddings.  I have another wedding to attend in June and, for that, I might have to come up with something brighter.

Anyway, I went through my collection last night and pulled out some similar patterns who might stand in in the even I don't find 4158 until the eleventh hour.

New York 436 (circa 1948)
DuBarry 6030 (1945)
DuBarry 6174 (1946)
Advance 4858 (1947-1948)