Left to my own devices . . .

I have come to the conclusion that maybe I was born to be an old-fashioned housewife, which is kind of unfortunate since I don't have a house (of my own), I'm nowhere near married, and I'm really not into stereotypical gender roles (my Kuder Interest Survey in high school said I should either be a cowboy or an auto mechanic.  I tried to take Small Engine Repair, Auto Shop, and Equine Science but they didn't fit into my schedule.  Apparently you're not supposed to take honors and vo-tech classes unless you're two different students).

Because, really, I don't mind housework.  Except for my deep-seated and eternal hatred of carpet and vacuuming, and a tendency to dawdle when it comes to actually folding all that clean laundry, I can be a pretty efficient and uncomplaining housekeeper.  I get a lot done on Saturdays.

This Saturday involved:
1) Dumped paper at the recycling bins.
2) Took a big box to Goodwill.
3) Grocery shopped (two different stores).
4) Took a piece of fabric I couldn't use to Sherry's.
5) Made banana pudding.
6) Did laundry, hung it out, and folded and put it all away, even the giant bedsheets.
7)  Cleaned the kitchen and put all the dishes, etc., away.

Before 4:00.  And that's after I overslept by a lot because Mispickel kept me up half the night.  Imagine how effective I could be if cats weren't nocturnal.

Sunday I walked to the kolache place and Kroger's (to put a DVD in the mail drop) again; made corn chowder and chicken and noodles to use up stuff from the pantry; cleaned up all the cooking mess; and sewed.  I watched On the Waterfront and tried to watch A Streetcar Named Desire but the DVD didn't work.

I even got a notebook and started making lists of the foods that were lost and neglected in the backs of the pantry and freezer, so I could make plans to use them up.  I also wrote out rough drafts of recipes I was using.  It's only been three days and it's been very useful.


Amy said…
I believe mine said I should be a poet, which is not even a career, or a pastor.

My Saturdays are basically just variations on running in circles. I kind of hate Saturdays. And laundry.
I don't mind doing laundry, but I'm terrible about putting it away. I usually end up living out of the basket until I have to wash it all again.

I guess my Saturdays are mostly running in circles, too, but that means I can think about other stuff while I do it.