McCall's M5097 (2006) Part III: Neck binding

Listening: Pine Island Station, New Tracks (1999).

OMG, this dress is so folk-art.

As with the failed gray dress, I've thrown all technical and stylistic conventions to the wind and am doing whatever the Hell I feel like doing with this one.  Yes, I'm aware that that probably means it will be a huge fail that ends up back in the scrap bin, but I'm willing to risk it.  Whatever.  Sometimes you just need to try a bad idea to see if you can figure it out, and sewing is a pretty safe way to do it.

I got lazy and decided to do bias binding on the neckline.  This is done "quilt-style"--a doubled bias strip sewn down, turned, and stitched down.  I won't do this again, though, because it's too stiff, but it worked reasonably well this time.  The facings are blue plaid left over from McCall's M4548, the reenactment dress, overdyed green.

Here's a close-up.  It's in serious need of ironing.  I don't know why I didn't machine-stitch it, now that I think about it.  Oh, well.