McCall's M5097 (2006) Part IV: Update

Listening: Steve Earle mix

I got home at quarter of seven last night and decided, since I had an hour and fourteen minutes until official sunset, I could walk to the library (five miles round trip) to pick up the cookbooks I'd put on reserve.  Of course, once I actually got to the library and was facing a two-and-a-half mile walk home along a stretch of road occupied mostly by vacated--because it was after hours--businesses and dense woods, I realized that this was a dumb idea.  I obviously made it home just fine but I think I won't be doing that again so close to dark.

The cookbooks are Rachael Ray.  I've never watched Rachael Ray.  I hear she has a raspy voice and speaks in tongues or something, and that everyone seems to absolutely love her or absolutely hate her.  She sounds like somebody I couldn't stand to watch on TV so I got some cookbooks to see what all the fuss was about, but at my own pace.  The books I got are some kind of "meal in 30 minutes" type things, and I rarely find those very helpful, but, hey--they're library books.  It's not like I committed to them.

Then I came home and sewed.  I didn't get a whole lot done but it was still enough to feel like progress.

First, here is the green (final fabric) bodice.  The waist is just big enough to pull over.  I probably should have put a side closure in it but whatever, it works for me.

Three-quarter side view:

Close-up of waist tucks:

After that, I started the neck placket.  I realized this morning that I need to take out the basting at the bottom and reverse the overlap, but that will only take a minute:

From the inside:

The neck placket is my lunchtime handwork for the day.  One eye on that, one on Rachael Ray.