Simplicity 6173 (1973) Part IV: Sleeves

I have no idea where my weekend went.

1) Overslept because Mispickel kept me up most of the night.
2) PetCo for a cat toy, and to donate a bag of kitten food to the rescue people.  The rescue people weren't there yet; the salesguy said they usually get there between 12 and 1.
3) Grocery store
4) Antique mall #1 to kill time until the cat rescue people got to PetCo.
5) Antique mall #2.  Still killing time.
6) PetCo.  Still no rescue people.
7) Gas in car.
8) PetCo.  Still no rescue people.
9) Home to eat lunch and put the new frying pan in the oven to season.
10) PetCo.  Still no rescue people.
11) PetsMart.  Gave those cat people the kitten food.
12) Back to antique mall to find the elusive lid.
13) Set table for Easter.  We're not that big into Easter but Mom likes it when she comes home and the table is dressed up for a holiday.
14) Went over to Sherry's to bring her some fabric scrap and then went for a ridiculously long walk.

1) Overslept because Mispickel kept me up most of the night.
2) Walked up to the kolache place.
3) Got most of the way home and realized I'd better have a back-up plan in case my homemade macaroni and cheese failed.  Detoured to Kroger, which meant I walked eight miles first thing in the morning.  Yeah, I'm feeling it.
4) Spent a very long time making macaroni and cheese from scratch (I would figure out later that I'd overmeasured the cheese by half and the results were sticky.  Not horrible, though.  I'll have to try again later with the right amount of cheese).
5) Mom and Pam got back and we ate dinner, etc.
6) At 9:00 I sort of freaked out: Cut the sleeves for the gray dress, did the cuff plackets, and seamed them.  Finishing the seams today at lunch, and I might baste them into the armscyes even though I don't have the cuffs on yet.

Somehow, they're less fun when they don't have perpendicular stripes or bias check to make them contrast.  Sigh.