Simplicity 6173 (1973) Part V: Cuffs

This week is just a mess.

I was off yesterday because my car was scheduled to go in for an oil change, tire rotation, and brakes.  The garage opens at 7:30.  I was almost ready to go at 7:00 when I realized I couldn't find my ring.  I had taken it off to wash up--I admit here that I hesitated because of Mispickel's history of jewelry theft, but then foolishly decided that, since she wasn't in the bathroom, I could just leave it on the vanity tray for a moment.

Well, then I went to put it back on and it was gone.  I looked for it for twenty minutes before giving up and hustling off, late, to take my car in.

It's not a valuable ring but it's sentimental and I can't replace it.  My parents got it for me for high school graduation in 1996.  I didn't love high school and definitely didn't care about getting a real class ring, so they got me a poesy ring instead, at my request.  These are really meant to be wedding rings but whatever; it was way cooler than an overpriced ring commemorating four totally-unmemorable years of my life:

Mine is the highlighted one.  It says "Pour Tous Jours [sic]"--"for always" (literally, I guess, "For all days") and was supposed to be a copy of a . . . I think a 16th century ring.  Signals catalogs sold these, but they don't any longer and I've been all over the Internet looking, unsuccessfully, for other sources.  (This picture is from the Signals site but they don't actually sell the rings any more.  They have others but they're more pointedly romantic and would be kind of creepy as class rings.)

Mispickel tends to pick up and run off with rings, barrettes, and hairbands so I really hoped she'd stashed it somewhere and not just batted it down the drain.  Yes, I did check behind the toilet where I found the last ring she stole, but it wasn't there.  I ran water at a bare trickle when I had to run it at all, just in case I ended up having to get somebody to help me take the pipes apart.  Not kidding.  I looked all over when I got home but didn't find it.

Luckily, Mispickel is extraordinarily cute and was super-snuggly yesterday or I might be wearing her pelt as a hat right now.  I try to be philosophical about losses at the hands of pets, but there are some lines that even adorable cats shouldn't cross.

Then the car place struck:  I called two weeks ago to schedule the brakes, but then realized I'd created a schedule conflict and called back to push the brake appointment back a week.  So, they've had two weeks to get ready for this.

I dropped the car off at 8:00.  They called at 4:30 saying they were still waiting for parts.

I am not happy. 

Luckily, Mom was planning to stay home today so I could use her car.  I'm leaving early to pick her up and retrieve my own car before we both go back into town to meet friends for dinner. 

I had gotten the cuffs assembled on Sunday but managed to get them both attached last night in spite of Mispickel's best efforts:

and I got one of them slipstitched closed:

and it's totally lovely.  I'll topstitch them . . . tonight, maybe, after dinner since it will only take a few minutes.

I still love that beige floral facing.

The day ended on a happy note, though, when I discovered that the ring had stuck to the bottom of my mouthwash bottle!  I apologized to Mispickel and gave her a few extra kibbles.