Simplicity 6173 (1973) Part VIII: Mothballed

This pattern is out to get me.

I was ready to attach the skirt when I discovered that one of the skirt panels has a large printing mishap in it.  Unless I want a patch in an embarrassing place, that's not going to happen.  I've concluded that it's really the last in a series of hints, though.  I don't think I'm going to be happy with the way it fits, and the sleeves (oddly, since I have monkey arms) are a bit long, and the whole thing is just not working out.  

I'm developing a new strategy to achieve the dress I want, and I think I've managed to order more of the fabric thank you to a Jo-Ann coupon.

I need to focus on some other projects right now, anyway.  I'm giving myself permission to mothball this until I have a better idea.  I can probably salvage the sleeves and part of the skirt, and the parts that can't be salvaged as a dress will go into my bag of nineteenth-century-ish quilt scraps.  So . . . no problem, really.

Moving on.