To-do list: 2013 April 16

Just writing some notes to myself here.  I realized the other day that I own three pairs of pajamas (well, "pajamas") and they're all hideous and definitely not fit to be seen outside of my own home.  And by that I mean, in a hotel room, for instance; I'm not in the habit of wearing pajamas to the grocery store or anything.  

One "pajama" is just a tank top, so I probably shouldn't even wear that downstairs since it doesn't involve pants.  The other two are the long T-shirt type.  One is worn to the thinness of onion skin and the other is . . . less thin, but well on its way.  They're all ugly.  So, pajamas in some form need to move up the to-sew list.  Luckily, I have a couple of patterns that I don't even need to resize, and pajama-appropriate fabric right on hand.

1. Advance 4858 (1947): Conversion to peplum blouse.
2. DuBarry 5541 (1942): Short-sleeved summer nightgown, made from mint-green bedsheet, with white buttons and piping.  I will probably not make it as long as the pattern illustration recommends, both because of fabric constraints and because I always get tangled up in long nightgowns.  Yeah, that's right: I'm too clumsy for my own clothes.
3. Hollywood 1191 (1943): Summer housecoat.  I've debated finding a louder, more traditional, paisley, but haven't settled on one yet.  I like this, but it doesn't seem like a good choice for an item that I will probably wear for a long time (my last housecoat lasted for maybe ten years).  It does seem like a good choice for summer clothing, though, and it's still paisley enough. 

I need to choose another dress to make for the second wedding, and I'd like to get at least one simple dress done to wear around.  McCall 5136 (1943) is high on the list for summer dresses, since it won't need a lot of alteration and I have (and adore!) the fabric.  I'd like to make a jacket to go with it, though, since everything here is so air-conditioned.  I haven't looked through my "nice dress" patterns that much yet to see what I might do for the other wedding.