Advance 4858 (1947?) Peplum blouse Part V: Down to the wire

Listening: Justin Townes Earle mix.  

I actually finished one (completely unnecessary) sewing project this weekend and made a lot of progress on this (completely necessary) one, in spite of Mispickel's best efforts:

Yeah, I'm not kidding.  She really knows how to maximize the amount of space she takes up.

I'd already done a successful-enough muslin of this but I still had to do some slight tweaking: The neckline was too high, the bodice was too long by about an inch, I had to jerry-rig the neck facings, and I found out as I was pinning the peplum on that I needed to take up bigger tucks and box pleats.  Luckily, none of it was enough to bring the project to a halt.

I got this far.  I have to do the narrow hems on the armscyes, finish the interfacing and blind tacking on the back opening, buttonholes, buttons, the hem (the pink at the bottom is the bias binding I'm using to face the hem; it's applied but hasn't been turned under and tacked), and a lot of seam finishing.  Still it's shaping up very well.

Now that I look at it, it looks kind of . . . outrageous.  And big.  And peplum-y.  Very, very, peplum-y.  Oh, well . . . too late to turn around now, right?