Advance 4858 (1947?) peplum blouse Part ViI: Finishing up

The bias hem looks better, and the blind stitches more blind, now that it's ironed.  I did the buttonholes last night.  I vaguely regret not having allowed myself time to do bound buttonholes but . . . oh, well.  Not going to lose any sleep over it.  If I do another blouse like this is a print I like better, though, I definitely will do bound instead of sewn.  And I got some more seam finishing done.  I have to finish the finishing, do the armscyes, and put the buttons on, and that's it.

I'm wearing it with a lot of black--black skirt, black shoes, black handbag.  I found backseam stockings but they're also black and I'm starting to think that that's too much black and I should just stick with ordinary suntan stockings (I can't stand wearing shoes without stockings, so bare legs aren't an option.  Also, I don't want my cat scratches to show!).  I haven't thought about jewelry, and I haven't thought enough about hair.  My hair won't do much--it's long and it won't hold a curl and it won't really do anything.  So . . . ponytail.  Maybe I can get the sides to roll so it looks like less of an afterthought.

I have a pearl-type necklace I could wear if it's long enough; it belonged to a great-aunt and I think she was pretty small, so I'd have to see where it fell on my neck.  I also have a gaudy faceted crystal necklace (similar to this) that was my grandmother's.  I kind of want to see how that might look, just for kicks.  Where the heck would I wear such a thing?


Armscyes are done!  I slipstitched them (which I should have done on the hem!  Doh!  I might have to go back later and redo it) and they look awesome.  You can only see tiny stitches on the outside, and almost nothing on the inside.

So I'm down to finishing one seam, putting the buttons on, and doing the shoulder pads.