Feeling like 1994

I'm just in one of those moods.

Listening: Cowboy Junkies mix ("200 More Miles" as I type this).

It's cold in here and I'm lamenting that my baggy black dress wore out and I never made a new one.  I need a new one.  The grunge-look* ragdoll I was in high school needs it so she can wear that huge red flannel shirt the way it was meant to be worn.

Sometimes when I'm grumpy I draw ridiculous things with Photoshop during my lunch breaks.

*I say "grunge-look" because I never actually listened to the music.  The clothes, though, were a great cover for a girl who couldn't keep up with the aesthetic expectations of an upper-middle-class suburban high school.


amy said…
Oh I love this! I immediately thought of you in high school!
Ha! It's actually from a figure sketch I did in college, scanned and then drawn over in Photoshop. And I'm totally making a new baggy black dress once I get all this sewing for my cousins' weddings done.