Simplicity 4727 (1943) black sundress Part V: Done!

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I didn't get this done in time for Austin last weekend but at least I got it done this weekend.

I had four yards of calico, which is a lot unless you want to do a long skirt with a flounce.  Flounces take up an unbelievable amount of fabric.  You think a 2:1 ruffle-skirt width ratio will look OK but the reality is that it looks pretty minimal.  Kind of skimpy.  This one is a 3:2 ratio, which is nice.  Fluffy, but not ridiculous.  The skirt is kind of bigger than necessary since it's two full widths (42" front and back) so I could use the selvage in place of seam finish, but whatever.  I like extravagant skirts.

I solved this by making all the facings out of plain black cotton-polyester (hacked up bedsheet) to save yardage for the skirt.  The inside looks like this (that's the back opening, the neck facing, the lining of the inset belt, and the pockets):

I used five different colors of hem tape on this sucker, too.  I have a lot of old hem tape to use up, and most of it is not black.  Yellow, teal, electric blue, dark blue, olive green.


The flounce is about six inches from the floor when I'm wearing it.  Nice length.  Long, but not mud-dragging long.

Back, with buttons.  I actually can get into this myself by buttoning the mid-back, slipping it over my head, and then buttoning the waist and nape:


amy said…
This one is so nice. Perfect for summer.