Simplicity 4727 (1943) Part III

Listening: Lucinda Williams mix.

Not much to see.  I finally finished gathering the flounce onto the skirt, and I stayed up too late and put bias binding on the seam allowance last night.  Then Mispickel tore the bejesus out of my arm and I decided it was time to turn in.

I should have worn red shoes today.  I'm wearing the black denim skirt, white blouse, and a choker necklace of huge green wooden beads (think Lisa Simpson).  I was going to wear the baggy red sweater that I hate but that Mom gave me for Christmas and it was expensive and she loves it on me so I have to keep it, but I put it somewhere weird in the house and couldn't find it, and grabbed the threadbare but still adorable Pendleton Forty-Niner (mine is black and white plaid) I bought at Second Mile when I was in college.  So I'm all black and white.  The black shoes are OK but red would have been better.