Advance 4864 (1948) Part I: Uh . . . Part I

Listening: The Ex-Boyfriend-Or-Whatever-He-Was Mix.  "Les Oiseaux von Chanter (Autour de ma Fosse)" by the Red Stick Ramblers, then "Ride With the Devil" by Dirk Powell.

Reality sets in.  I decided to go with Advance 4864 (1948) because it was so similar to Advance 4858 (1948), for which I had already done the fitting and finishing.  Expedition is the name of the game this time around.

This is scanned and heavily Photoshopped from my own pattern packet, which is in such dismal condition that I ended up Xeroxing it and then putting the original away in an archival envelope so I wouldn't have to handle it any more.  You get the idea, though.  I'm making the version on the right: The one-piece dress with the neck bow.  Yes, it's a day dress, but it will still look OK for a wedding.

The fabric, though, is completely different.  I got this at Hancock's.  It says it's "Spring Creative Group" tossed floral on cream which I think is basically store-brand quilting cotton.  The colors aren't totally accurate here--the orange flowers are more red and the whole thing is less earth-toned in real life.  

The plan right now is to wear the brown Sofft mary janes with it.  Not very dressy, I guess, but comfortable:

 I think I need a green Lucite bangle bracelet to go with it, no?

I got as far as tracing the bodice pieces last night.  I added 1/2 inch length so that the sides were the same length as the pattern pieces for 4858, but I suspect I'll need to add another 1/2 inch to get the waist to sit right.

Post-lunch update: Nothing exciting here, folks, but I did alter and trace the skirt front over lunch.  Added 1/2 inch at the hip, down to the hem.  I know that's not much progress but every little bit helps, right?

Also, I splurged and ordered new lipstick.  Bésame.  I have two Bésame lipsticks that I got a long time ago (yeah, I know--I should get new lipstick) and I love them.  In general, I love the idea of lipstick but the reality is that I'm just not enough used to having something on my lips.  Also, I have a kind of poochy mouth so there is a little bit of that very smooth inner lip, to which most lipsticks don't stick, that always leaves a pink center no matter how many times I reapply.  Chocolate Kiss and Merlot are almost all pigment and will stain anything, glassy inner lip skin included.  Also, they're very matte and non-sparkly, which is my preferred lipstick finish but is harder to find than you'd think.  I got Red Velvet this time, and I'm trying out Red Hot Red.  I suspect it may be too light and too orange, but here goes.

Listening: The Ex-Boyfriend-Or-Whatever-He-Was Mix.  "Hills of Mexico" by the Renegades, then "Wrecking Ball" by Gillian Welch.