Advance 4864 (1948) Part II: Aftermath of a busy weekend

Listening: Steve Earle mix, "Delta Momma Blues" (Townes Van Zandt).  I decided the Ex-Boyfriend Mix was a bad idea, even though it has lots of good stuff on it.

Movies: The Rocketeer (1991): I saw this in the theater when it was new.  It's just as gloriously Art Deco and just as completely implausible as I remember, but Billy Campbell is adorable and Jennifer Conolly and Timothy Dalton are ideal types for their roles.
Sleepy Hollow (1999): Mixed.  Who doesn't kind of love Johnny Depp?  I have issues with Tim Burton films, though--I love that they jump into the deep end of flamboyant gothic-ness, but I wish they left more to the viewer's imagination.

I didn't realize I'd only done one post on this project so far!  I haven't been posting from home because my home computer, which I think may have been built by Duesenberg, is a complete disaster.  I literally haven't used it in months.  The hard drive crashed late last year.  I had it replaced and was all fired up about having my computer back but, when I tried to use it, it was still so slow I couldn't get anything done.  I took off all the major programs except for Office and Photoshop; and I know Photoshop is a bit of a load but some things are simply essentials.  Nope; it still couldn't handle it.  I bought a good new virus-scan program for it but that couldn't find anything (I'm still convinced that either there was something on there that the virus ware didn't catch, or that the new hard-drive was also bad, but it's a moot point now).  It also never really liked the wireless Internet setup and it couldn't find the printer with both hands and a map.  So it's been holding down the desk since December.

Well, my parents decided to help me get a newer computer for my birthday, which is next month.  I am now the proud and Internet-capable owner of a gently used Mac.

Anyway, I got a lot done this weekend.  Mispickel has a mild UTI and had to be taken to the vet's on Saturday morning.  She's fine, but a little bit of stress = sleepy kitty, and I got a lot of work done that afternoon while she was passed out under a chair.  She tried to interfere a little bit but didn't really have the energy to follow through:

I couldn't find an affordable green bangle on such short notice--I even considered getting a blank wooden one and painting it myself, but I was afraid it wouldn't ship fast enough--so I got some beads at Michael's and made a non-bangle bracelet.

The fitting muslin went well.  It looks terrible here but it was comfortable.

I added a small pocket to the right-side seam (the zipper is in the left seam) so I wouldn't have a psychological breakdown when I tried to wear it.  I'm very pocket-dependent.

The pleats in the front waist (the back is gathered):

The collar was supposed to be unlined, with a narrow hand-rolled hem, so it would collapse into graceful folds.  It looked like a terrible, flimsy, idea, so I added a lightweight cotton lining (in tan because, realistically, ring-around-the-collar happens).  It won't collapse like it should have, but I have a ridiculously long neck so I don't need it to.

 After that, it went together without much effort.  I have to do the shoulder pads, the hem, and a ridiculous amount of handwork, but it's under control.


amy said…
I love this print and the bracelet. My paternal grandma wore that kind of print, and she sewed a lot of her clothes.
Jessamyn said…
Gosh, I love this print!

Hey, by the way, I've debated whether to say anything or not, but what the heck. The aesthetic of your blog is totally your choice, but although I enjoy the content I find that I put off checking in on your blog because of the color scheme. Bright text on a black background does and has always given me a bit of a headache and produces blotches on my vision when I turn away. I would visit a lot more often if the page were more easily readable. Thanks for listening!