Kalurah/While They Play "Indian Summer" Part I

I love the idea of knitting but I think the reality is that I will never actually be a knitter.  One, I don't have the patience.  Two, my left hand has been ravaged by years of playing musical instruments and doing other hand-stressing hobbies and no longer has the stamina it needs to make me a committed knitter; just knitting a swatch on US6 straight needles caused shooting pains (circulars are much easier on me).  Three, I live in Houston.

I also love the idea of hats but the reality is that I don't like having stuff on my head and I don't really look that good in them.  Some people have "hat faces" (to borrow from Mr. Humphries) and some don't.  I don't.  I don't have hat hair, either.  But that doesn't always stop me.

So I'm knitting a hat.  The real point is that I've never knitted a hat before and this one is cute.  I hope whoever buys it from Goodwill when I finish it, try it on, and remember that I don't have a "hat face" enjoys it.

The pattern is While They Play's "Indian Summer" simple-lace beret, which I got on Etsy but which can also be acquired through Ravelry; there is also a crochet version.  

This chick has a "hat face", by the way.  And hat hair.

The pattern calls for laceweight yarn, doubled, but I'm using natural/white Lion Wool-Ease Sport because I had a huge skein of it that I didn't know what to do with since I never use sportweight yarn, and it's discontinued so I can't get more of it to make anything significant.

Other minor changes:
1) I'm leaving off the button tab.  I just reduced the cast-on stitches and started knitting in the round.
2) I have a lot of hair so I added ten stitches to the number I did cast on.  This was probably a mistake, but we'll see.
3) I did a 2 x 2 ribbing instead of 2 x 3, just because.
4) When I try it next, I'll definitely cast on on smaller needles.  I don't usually bother, but the ribbing is turning out more slack than I'd like.


Ithilien Fields said…
Ha! I can totally relate to this. I don't have a hat face and my knitting has never gone past scarf. (But I do wear straw hats in the summer, because it's my only beauty routine and where I live (Italy) the sun in really strong.
I wear sunhats, too, because I hate sunburn and because they do keep me slightly cooler. My favorite, I'm sorry to say, is a cheap braided-paper one because it seems like straw but it's softer. I apparently have a funny-shaped head and normal straw hats are the wrong shape and give me headaches. Sigh. I can't win.

I've considered bobbing my hair again. Maybe that would help my hat issues.
Ithilien Fields said…
My philosophy is always comfort before beauty and try to ignore the funny looks I get. Good luck with your knitting project, I envy you can read those things. If I can't sew it, I don't bother anymore (and buy berets at the thrift store when it gets cold.)

This is super easy: Knit a ribbed headband, then knit the hat. The entire thing is alternating all-knit rows with yarn-over/knit 2 together rows. And then you reduce by knitting 2 together.

I have a friend who loves to do lace shawls. Just the idea of them makes me a little light-headed. I don't want my hobbies to cause stress.