New Patterns: Thank you, Aunt Marian!

I haven't had a chance yet to go through all the stuff we got from Uncle Billy's, but these were on top of a box of sewing things.  Most of Aunt Marian's patterns didn't survive, unfortunately (although I suspect they were pretty worn out, anyway) but these did.  Best of all, they're in my size range!

Aunt Marian was born in 1922 (passed away in 2008) so she would have been a teenager or very young woman when she used these.  Alas, I didn't get any finished clothing along with them!

Simplicity 4757 (1943): Pajamas.  I have several similar patterns but I'm obviously not going to get rid of anything of Aunt Marian's.  I'm not sure how much I like the idea of sleeping in pants but something like this would be nice for traveling or when there are houseguests and you want to be kind of decent if you have to get up for something.  I could make a pair with shorts for summer.

McCall 3538 (1939): Nice billionty-gored skirt.

Simplicity 3182 (1939): Sadly, the ridiculous conical hat is not one of the patterns.  These things seem to have been all the rage from 1939-1941; I see them everywhere.  Nice separates, though.

Advance 1715 (1930's): Very early Advance princess day dress, probably circa 1936-1937.

Simplicity 2410 (1937?): I've wanted one of these forever! 

McCall 8698 (1936): Detachable cape, blousy top.  Super cute!

(Are you sitting down?)  McCall 8611 (1936): I would do just about anything to see a picture of Marian wearing this. 


PepperReed said…
Awesome! That last pattern is Divine!!
I think I'll even have to make it out of stripes like the picture shows!