Simplicity 4727 (1943) Fourth of July: Part I

Yes, it's back.  I'm hearing the theme from Jaws in my head as I type this.

The pattern that almost brought me down is making another appearance.  Actually, this is the first project, which turned into the third project when I missed the Independence Day deadline last year.  This year, though, I'm going to have that dress if I have to injure people to get it done.

Here are my old posts on the fun and games involved with getting this sucker to fit, and here is the Flickr set, which is pretty much the same only with less cursing.

The up-side of making a pattern for the third time is that you actually get faster at it.  I am a notoriously slow needlecrafter but I can now get a reasonable amount done on a relatively simple dress despite my own sluggishness and the constant skin-lacerating interference of my cat, who thinks the sewing table is her territory.  This weekend, I got the bodice cut, the bodice darts done, the shoulder seams done (I intentionally didn't sew up the side seams before the neck facings are done, to make the facings easier to apply), the skirt front and back cut and assembled in halves even on top of some epic plaid-matching, and pockets salvaged from one of the two failed skirt attempts and applied to the new skirt.  I don't have pictures of the new skirt with the pockets yet, though, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

The neck facings are pieced down the middle but cut on the bias.  They'll have navy blue piping (as do the pockets and as will the armscyes):

Skirt front, pre-pockets.  The new fabric I got is a different dye lot and doesn't quite match, but I'm totally beyond caring.  Besides, check out the chevrons in those seams:

The inset belt will also be on the bias since it has a sturdy, interfaced, chambray lining.  I don't know yet if I can get the jacket done but I'm sure going to try, because that would be the cherry on the top of awesome, no?

The concept, more or less.  The real dress has bias-cut pockets outlined in blue, and I think the jacket sleeves will end up being a bit longer.

Also, I have two feet.