Dear hipsters who needed directions this morning

 Listening: Turnpike Troubadours, Diamonds and Gasoline (2009), "Shreveport", then "Evangeline".

1) Sorry, Google lied--we're not a public library. All of our computers are on employee accounts and not available for public access. All I can do is redirect you.

2) When you do find the public library to which I directed you, use its public-access computers to do a little more research on grunge, since that seems to be the look you're appropriating today. I'll give you a head start: I don't care what anyone says, you can't do grunge in skinny jeans. Don't argue with me on this; I was there when it happened. Thrift some wide legs or go home.


amy said…
Were they wearing skinny jeans? I hope they at least had the class to rip one of the knees open. Otherwise, why bother?
No ripped knees. Some faux-threadbaring, but no actual holes. I think they were too young to have thought it through that much.