Making over

Simplicity 4015 (1952), the Waffle House Waitress dress, turned four years old this spring.  She still fits well enough since she's a wrap dress (technically, she's a size too large, at least, but it doesn't really matter).  I haven't been wearing her much, though, because when I made her I didn't think to add underarm gussets, and I didn't finish the underarms seams appropriately, and they pulled out.  Several times.  They're now hideously overcast but there really isn't enough fabric left to hold even that for too long.

Remember the matching shoes?

Most of her fabric is still good, though, and it seems a shame to go straight to cutting her up for quilt pieces. 

The print is sort of weird, too.  I loved it at the time, and I still like it, but mostly because it's 4015 and I like the dress.  I wouldn't choose it again because it's much too modern.  The plan now is to see if there is enough fabric in her skirt to squeeze in McCall's 9693 (1969).  With brown trim.

I think I could like the fabric again in this since it's a more modern pattern.  It will feel less like cheating. 

Maybe two pockets?