The (Ever-Changing) To-Do List

Shockingly, I did get some things done this weekend.

Last week, the to-do list looked like this:

1) Simplicity 4727 (1943) bolero.  Let's get this done before July 4, 2014, shall we?
2) Petticoats.  Need 3: 2 plain and 1 with flounces for dresses with bigger skirts.
3) Purple sunbonnet
4) Pajamas.  Mine are indecent, even for clothing that nobody but the cat and I will ever see.

I didn't work on the jacket but I did actually get the two plain petticoats done and am about halfway through the bonnet.  I hardly recognize myself!  

The petticoats are just the A-line skirt pattern, cut shorter and with lighter elastic in the waistband.  I made them out of a white bedsheet from Goodwill.  One is trimmed in eyelet left over from another project and the other has a bias hem facing made from pink gingham left over from McCall's 2440 (1961).