While They Play "Indian Summer" #2: Honey Mustard

Almost done with another one.  I did the ribbing on US4's and the rest on US5's this time.  The yarn is Hobby Lobby I Love This Wool!, which claims to be worsted-weight but is really closer to DK.

I like it better at a smaller gauge (this is still a 120-stitch cast-on, just like the first hat) but it's mustard yellow.  Yeah.  Left over from another project.


amy said…
Love that color.

How are you dealing with your issue with purling?
Minimal purling! Once the ribbing is done, this pattern is only knit, yarn-over, and knit two together. It's ridiculously easy. Plus, it's on circular needles (easier to hold), and it's small so it's not heavy or awkward.