Burda 119 and pizza

Listening: Of The Wand And The Moon, Midnight Will (2005).

It's turning out to be one of those days.

I have a request--two requests, actually--that are driving me nuts.  One, I think, will turn out to be a lot of work done to confirm my suspicions that we do not have the items that the patron wants.  The other . . . I have no idea.  It involves some material that theoretically passed across my desk a year or two ago but of which I have no memory and no record in the collection into which I put it.  Now someone wants to see it, of course, and nobody knows where it is.  I have no idea what's going on here but the possibilities include, though are not limited to:

1) Communication problem: She's describing something using words that mean something else to me ("business papers" mean one thing to her and something else to me).
2) Perception problem: What she thinks she's looking for doesn't look like she expects it to (in this case, the "business papers" might just be notes in some meeting minutes or something).
3) Misplaced material: Someone got to this material before I did and filed it under another collection.  Or, someone took it somewhere before the larger donation even made it to me.
4) Misplaced material #2: The donor didn't give us what she thought she gave us and someone else at her organization lost/destroyed/still has what she wants.
5) Delusion: Material may or may not ever have existed in the form she wants.

I hate projects like this because I dread not being able to find something, only to have it turn up later and make me look either lazy or dumb.  I've managed to drag four or five other people into this, too; people who were involved with the organization when it was first formed and might either have copies of things or might know where to find them.

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I bought the Romance Dress:

I'm going to use the skeleton fabric, filled out with plain black because I don't have enough for a whole dress:

Like so:

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I have a pizza in the freezer.  I think I'll stop on the way home and pick up some Shiner.  Yeah.