DuBarry 5541 (1942) Nightgown: Part I

Listening: Linzay Young & Joel Savoy (self-titled, 2009).

Okay, more like Part 0.V: I don't have much to show but at least I did start tracing the pieces last night.  

With Mispickel's help:

The pattern is kind of charming: A 1942 nightgown with a blouse top, raised waist, and back ties:

The fabric I'm using is a mint-green cotton-poly bedsheet from Goodwill.  

I don't think I'll have quite enough, but that's OK--I suspect I'd prefer a shorter length, anyway, and I'll probably piece the back skirt down the middle, using the sheet's selvage edge.  Basically, though, like this:

I kind of think it needs a little embellishment, though.  Not too much--this is not a design that wants lace trim or anything.  Maybe a monogram?