Tumbler quilt

I didn't get the I Spy sandwiched yesterday but I did get the other side put together and the flannel batting ironed.  I can be happy with that.  I'll sandwich it this weekend.

I got out my tumblers to see how far I had to go.  The quilt is plenty long but narrow.  It's 29 tumblers long x 22 wide, which sounds pretty even but isn't because the tumblers aren't square.  I had a big pile of un-assembled tumblers waiting, which I brought to work today to count during lunch.  I thought I had too many but it turns out I'm 9 tumblers short of 11 rows, which is kind of minimal (again, trust me here.  It's not as wide as it sounds)--a lot of tumblers don't go very far!  Getting nine new tumblers is the easy part.  On the other hand, they're not difficult to sew together so this could be finished relatively quickly if I set my mind to it.

The two piles on the far right are only partials.  One needs four blocks and the other needs five.

Twenty-nine times twenty-two is 638 blocks.  Twenty-nine times eleven is 319 blocks.  Six hundred and thirty-eight plus 319 is 957.  If I wanted to go all Victorian overkill here I should go two more rows of 29 so it's over a thousand blocks.

Holy crap.