DuBarry 5637 (1943): Done

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I love this pattern.  It was easy, it went together nicely, it's comfortable, and it actually looks better on a body than it does on a hanger.  I'll get a picture of it on myself later:

When I graded the pattern up, I did not grade up the front overlap, which was super-wide since it's supposed to be a shirt-jacket.  There's still a lot of overlap: It's great if you're like I am and love big buttons.

The back of the neck doesn't have a facing piece; you're supposed to cover it with a length of bias.  I have never, ever, been able to get that method to work so I bound the edge of the seam allowance instead and then tacked it to the back of the shirt for a few inches in the middle (the stitches are covered by the collar on the outside).  That worked fine and was easier.