DuBarry 5637 (1943) Dress Variant Part III: Progress

Okay, I'm totally winging this, but it's moving along.

I decided there was too much overlap in the front so I took up a 1/4 inch pleat along the fold line, leaving 1 inch per side of center (2 inches total) overlap.  That's still a lot but the buttons I ordered are 1 inch so I think it will be OK.  Everything about this dress is a little oversized.

I finished the collar this weekend.  I love bias trim.  I know the whole point of bias trim is that it stretches and conforms to curves (I trimmed down the front of the collar to make an easier curve to follow):

 . . . but I am still fascinated by the results.  Every time:

And it looked even better sewn on:

But then, of course, I realized I needed to do a neck facing since this collar has no stand.  Doh!

What followed was the biggest neck-facing hack job ever.  No pix; you don't need to be subjected to images of that kind of incompetence.  Thank goodness it's all on the inside of the dress.

On to the sleeves:

and the pockets: